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How to Register an Account

Registering an account on the monkeychess.net website is free to every registered FICS member and not limited to only MonkeyClub members. We encourage every FICS player to participate in various MonkeyClub activities such as dicussions, tournaments and practice sessions.

How do I register?

Registering is done while logged on FICS through our bot called "linuxchick". Use the command "tell linuxchick register" to register an account. Your username on the website will be the exact same as on FICS (case sensitive).

Once you get a positive reply by linuxchick you can use the second command "tell linuxchick password mypassword" to set a password of your choice. Replace mypassword with the password of your choice before submitting the command to linuxchick. After that you should be able to sign in on this website with your FICS handle and your password.

I forgot my password! What should I do?

You can simply set a new password while logged in on FICS with the command "tell linuxchick password mypassword". Once again, replace mypassword with the password of your choice before submitting the command.

I have registered and set a password but I cannot log in!

This can happen for various reasons. First of all, make sure your username is the exactly the same as on FICS. Your username is case sensitive. So if your FICS display name is "SuPaHMonkEH" then you need to write your username the exact same way when trying to log in and not for example use "supahmonkeh".

The same applies for your password. If this does not help you, try setting your password again. If you still have problems after that, contact derMandarin on FICS for help.