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Xaosfiftytwo vs. Zulugodetia Today at 07:00!

The game of the round in the MonkeyClub 45 45 tournament is about to start in a few hours. You don't want to miss the chance to see the big battle between xaosfiftytwo and zulugodetia. After 10 years of rivalry they finally meet again at the board. Ambassadors of both player's countries worked hard to overcome all obstactles make this game happen.

Pregame, we already saw our fair share of trash talking with lines like this:

zulugodetia(1570) whispers: 1529, u need a few points therem jp?, u lost some weight?
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i am saving it all for you
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: anyway its 6 2 u, 4 2 me
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i dont want that gap to close
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: need to get maximum spark efficiency
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: total abstination before the game
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: ha ha
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: from?
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: you will find out
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: and go ahead and blitz, see if i care
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: i know your tricks now
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: tactics tactics tactics
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: :))
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: u can bring out your rook
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i wont hesitate
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: both, if needed

The game will start today at 07:00 server time.

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Round 2 of the MonkeyClub 45 45 Tournament Started!

Hi guys, the second round of our tournament just started a few hours ago. We already have three games played so far and three players are currently leading the pack with two points.

I have also changed the calculation method a tiny little bit as now it does neglect the score of your worst scoring opponent before adding the total sum of all of your opponents points. That way, players who had opponents that discontinued playing in the tournament and/or late joined the tournament will not be at an disadvantage as they would probably have around 3 to 5 points less buchholz points than the rest of the players.

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MonkeyClub 45 45 Round 1

The first round of the MonkeyClub 45 45 mamer tournament has started a few days ago and everything is going smoothly so far. We have seen a lot of top seeds winning their first round games as expected but we also already had a fair share of surprises. WillSki beat Guyus and zulugodetia defeated Oppermann!

Round 2 will start soon next week and we still allow late joiners for the tournament. So hurry up and join :-)

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Monkey Championships Group Phase

Here are the Playoff Qualification Groups:
See for the tournament table.

Group A
DerMandarin 2143
Akisganis 1620
Adishankar 1502

Group B
FlorinC 2204
Squib 1949
Oppermann 1642
crem 1316

Group C
Kirany 2060
Evilthunder 1893
gGrungean 1656
zulugodetia 1370

There are 2 games against each other, with different colors. The top 2 of each group advance into the playoffs, as well as the 2 best group 3rds. In the playoffs its 1 game with random color. If theres a draw, its a rematch with colors reversed. The final match mode is not decided yet...

After the tournament we will need everyone to give a vote for the best/beautiest game played.


Once you finished a game, both players are required to send me the PGN files of the game to: opptor@web.de

Lets rock !

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Ladder Tournament Postponed

Hello all, the MonkeyClub ladder tournament will be postponed in favour of a new Monkey Club European Soccer Championship tournament - a quick tournament to emulate the current soccer championship at the chess board. If you are interested in participating in this tournament then hurry to the tournament site and sign up for this event as we need 16 players to get the tournament started.

The ladder tournament itself will start in the beginning of July after our little championship has ended.

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