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Playoff Mode


In case you are wondering how we will go on after the group phase with our tournament, i came up with this. So tell me what you think:

I will split the players into to groups:

Group 1 = All Group 1st´s 3 Players
Group 2 = the Rest (all 2nd´s and the 2 best 3rd´s) 5 Players

After that i will randomly assign to one Group1 Player an opponent from Group2 until there is no Group1 Player left. The remaining 2 Group 2 Players will be paired against each other.

I think i couldnt express myself more complicated :) After that, all pairings will be assigned randomly

Note: The playoff is deathmatch mode. If you lose you´re out. Colors are assigned randomly. In case of a draw, there is a rematch with reversed colors.

The final will be at least 2 games, first player to lead with more than one game difference is the new Monkey Champ!

posted by: Oppermann