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Monkey Championships Group Phase


Here are the Playoff Qualification Groups:
See for the tournament table.

Group A
DerMandarin 2143
Akisganis 1620
Adishankar 1502

Group B
FlorinC 2204
Squib 1949
Oppermann 1642
crem 1316

Group C
Kirany 2060
Evilthunder 1893
gGrungean 1656
zulugodetia 1370

There are 2 games against each other, with different colors. The top 2 of each group advance into the playoffs, as well as the 2 best group 3rds. In the playoffs its 1 game with random color. If theres a draw, its a rematch with colors reversed. The final match mode is not decided yet...

After the tournament we will need everyone to give a vote for the best/beautiest game played.


Once you finished a game, both players are required to send me the PGN files of the game to: opptor@web.de

Lets rock !

posted by: Oppermann | tags: tournament