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Monkey Club Becomes "Servants of Kramnik"

As you might already know the Monkey Club is celebrating its second anniversary this month and as promised there will be a lot of changes. After a long discussion with several team members we decided to change our name from "Monkey Club" to "Servants of Kramnik".

The reasoning behind this is, that as we now grew to a huge club the name "Monkey Club" does not seem to fit anymore. We want to focus on professional chess and improving and thus were looking for a new club name in the past few weeks. A quick survey among a sample of one club member quickly revealed GM Kramnik as most popular chess player. Thus the decision has been made to change the name to "Servants of Kramnik".

With the name change will also come a redesigned website to fit the new direction this club takes. Moreover, we will also introduce "guidelines" for behaviour on and off the board to fit the new club theme better. The guidelines will be:

1. Play only 1.d4 even with black.
2. Move to France.
3. If you already live in France move to Russia.
4. Wear glasses.
5. Give the general impression of being extremely bored when conducting a game.
6. Deny all challenges and make counter offers with ridiculous and hard to meet terms.
7. Wear the soon to come club t-shirt featuring a mashup of Kramniks and Che Guevaras portrait.
8-10: To be announced.

We all hope you guys will support this change which eventually lead us to a bright, successful and boring future.

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This Site Will Get a Redesign

Hi guys,

it has been quiet here lately. However, as our two year anniversary comes up in April I want to brush up the website and give it an updated look. I want to have the graphics redone and finally make a better footer. The site itself will get a bit wider so that more information fits into the sidebar on the right side (standings, etc).

This is are just visual changes but I will also introduce some functionality. In our channel the topic already came up and some members wished for a private forum as well as some sort of wiki. Do you guys have any other suggestions? If so, post it here!

posted by: Mark | tags: website redesign anniversary
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Take Those Rooks!!

Attention all players! Recent reports say that free rooks are more and more ignored by Monkey Club players. This must not be the case. If you see a free rook in your game then capture it!!

Example games will follow soon.

Yours sincerly,
Mark, Chairman of the Society of orphan rooks

posted by: Mark | tags: rooks bleh
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Babaschess plugin has been updated.

Sorry for spamming too often, but I have no other place to post information about new versions. :-)

As usual, latest plugin version is here.
To update, exit BabasChess, copy the file in BabasChess directory with new one, start BabasChess. BabasChess cannot update plugins. :-( (uninstalling old version and installing new one doesn't work, as babaschess doesn't delete file on uninstalling, and does not copy file if there is already file with that name in directory).

There are two most remarkable new features:

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Babaschess plugin has been released.


I'm happy to let you know that the first useable version has been released. :-)

You can download it here: http://media.monkeychess.net/TeamLeaguePlugin2.BCPlugin.

This link will always point to the latest version of the plugin.

Installation and setup

  1. Download the plugin and save it somewhere.
  2. In the main menu of BabasChess select "Plugin | Configure...":

  3. Press "Add..." in the window that appeared:

  4. Find the TeamLeaguePlugin2.BCPlugin file at the location you downloaded to, press Ok.
  5. Press "Close". In appeared window answer "Yes"

  6. After restarting BabasChess the following dialog will apear, press "Yes":

  7. In the appeared dialog ensure the box near "TeamLeague" is checked, then press "Ok":

  8. Note that new tab appeared in info window:

  9. Go online, so "Update" button becomes enabled, and press this button:

  10. You will see something like this (if you have "Standings" tab selected):

  11. Time to select favorite teams. Select "Plugins | TeamLeaguePlugin2 | Settings..." in main menu:

  12. Select favorite teams and press Ok :) :

Discussing and support

You can write about bugs and feature request:

There are probably lots of bugs in the plugin, so I'm looking forward into your bug reports.

Any other kinds of help are also welcome: helping me with development and bugfixing, suggestions how to make plugin look nicer (it's really awful now, I know), drawing some icons, etc.

Todo list

Here's a quick list of changes I plan to make in the nearest future:

posted by: crem | tags: plugin
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