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Zulugodetia is a Biscuit

It is official now!

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First T-Shirt Designs

It has been a while since I called for t-shirt ideas and I would like to apologize for the long wait (busy with starting my first own office). I hereby present the first mockups for t-shirt designs and I am looking forward to your comments.

The first two have been done by my girlfriend, the third one comes from zulu. The title of the second one reads "Pawn seeks Queen". There will be a few more designs which will focus more on fonts and text ("MonkeyClub"). I hope I can upload them by the end of this week.

Hosted by imgur.com

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Hosted by imgur.com

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Monkey Club T-Shirts!

Several have requested them over the past few weeks and I have talked with several companies and found one who would be able to produce them. Thus, I hereby declare the start of "Operation T-Shirt"! :-)

We will produce our own club t-shirts and hopefully get them to all interested members before the end of the year. First of all we need to determine which motifs the shirts should feature. We cannot produce many different shirts but have to settle with a small number of different motives and have them produced in bulk.

I would like to suggest we settle with three different motives which should be chosen by you. We will start with collecting ideas for motifs today and everyone is welcome to add his/her suggestion. Just reply to this blog post with your idea!

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Linuxchick Now Running on Monkey Server

Two weeks ago we installed linuxchick on the Monkey Club webserver. The bot is running smoothly so far and we are looking forward to start integrating the bot with our website so that tedious tasks like retrieving lost passwords can be done through the bot.

Also it would be possible to have Monkey Club tournaments run by the bot much like FICS teamleague and other tournaments.

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Website Redesign Phase 1 is done!

It has been a while since the last blog post and I seriously do not hope that anyone took it serious ;) Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the first update on our website has been done! Some visual changes took place and some new features have been added.

To quickly list the main features:
There is still a lot of work to do. The design is not 100% done yet, the team page needs to get back online and the blue boxes aren't available in all sections of the website. However, the groundwork has now been done and I am looking forward to making further improvements and adding more features.

Your feedback is also appreciated :)

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