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Quotes Section Update

Hi all!

I updated the quotes section. Along with KiranYs request to be able to navigate to each page directly via link I also added the possibility to rate the quotes from 1 to 5 stars.

So dig through the quotes and vote for your favourites :)

download rimshot

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Make a Wish!

I just set up the development environment for this website. I am starting work on the tournament and the game page so that by end of september we can run our custom tournaments as well as keep track of our league standings. That will be a lot of work but it should be doable.

I have also set up a ticket and bug reporting system for this website. Right now it is only for authenticated users, so if someone wants to help in any way with work on this website then tell me. I will set you up with an account then.

What I need from all of you is a "wishlist". Which features would you like to see added to this website? Be crazy and tell me what do you want :)

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Back on Fics (again)

Yes, the previous entry was titled "I am back on FICS" but it turned out that my busy phase hasn't been quite over back then. I still had to work on that nasty project and then moved to a new appartment.

I am almost done with moving now and my computer is already set up and you guys will see me more often again on FICS. And hopefully I will be able to also get some work done with this website. :)

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I am back on Fics!

Hi all! For a couple of weeks I was seldom online on Fics due to heavy work load in my office. I had two projects to finish and launch at the same time which required me to work ugly hours. Things have changed now, however, and I will have more time available for chess and Fics starting with next week :)

I am happy to be back and hope you all did not forget about me while I was away ;)

And if someone is really interested, http://beta.xipax.com is the platform I launched. It is some sort of Youtube-like community for ad agencies where they can upload, share and view advertisments. It is still in Beta phase right now but will pick up in size soon.

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OCL U1650 Round 1 Results

The round 1 match in U1650 section ended as a draw. The individual game results are as follows,

gGrungean 1 - 0 Exray
dstrout 0 - 1 GreatSachin
Guyus i - 0 wfletcher
Zulugodetia 0 - 1 Nitreb

The lineup for round 2 remains the same. Good luck to the team!.

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